Dry Mixed Recycling


Managing your dry mixed recycling (DMR) into the correct bins can be a hassle for any business. Placing cardboard, plastic, cans, and paper into the right bin requires time and organisation which means taking time away from running your business. This is where we come in.

With our mixed recycling service, all you will need to do is place all your recyclable waste into clear bin bags. They have to be clear because when we come to collect your waste, we need to be able to see if it is a recyclable waste.

About Dry Mixed Recycling

There are four categories of DMR that are allowed in your bin:

Paper - Newspapers, office paper, magazines, and any other dry paper

Cardboard – Cereal boxes, delivery boxes, corrugated cardboard, card

Metal cans - drinks cans and food tins

Plastic - Empty milk bottles, drinks bottles, packaging film, meal trays, margarine tubs

Our dry mixed recycling service will collect your waste and take it to a recycling centre, where we will dispose of it. We dispose of all waste in full accordance with the current waste regulations. We can tailor our service to suit your needs and come and collect your waste at a time that suits you.

You will also receive the necessary paperwork to prove that you are compliant with the law. Another thing you can be sure that you will get with Collect My Waste is the best price. This is because we coordinate a regional supply chain network that enables us to offer you the absolute best deal.

We also will help you with any changes to your service that you need. If you are a growing business who is looking at rapid growth, we will adapt the service to your changing needs.

To make a change to your service, call us and we will get you the changes you need for your business. It’s like we’re an extra member of your team when it comes to ensuring you have the services you need.


It can tricky to work out if something is or is not suitable for DMR. Aside from the four categories above, waste that cannot be DMR includes:

Disposable cups

Crisp packets and sweet wrapping

Food Waste

Liquids, Glass and Ceramics


Textiles and clothes

Key benefits

One Bin, No Segregation - Put all your Mixed Recycling into one bin saving you time

Variety of Bin Sizes - We have a bag or waste bin size to suit your needs (see pdf)

Reduce your Costs - Cutting down on your landfill waste will save you money

Environmentally Friendly - We work with you to look after our environment

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